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Founded in 2013, Rugfone is a leading IoT industrial digital solution provider in the AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) solutions.We are fast-gowing enterprise handheld devices manufacturers with strong OEM & ODM experience focusing on design,R&D and production for more than 11 years."Rugged and Intelligence" drive us dedication to design durable and technologically advanced devices and positions us as a reliable partner for enterprises requiring durable and versatile AIDC solutions.Rugfone's devices are also designed to improve productivity and efficiency in various sectors, including logistics, manufacturing, retail, and field service.


We offering a full range of handheld mobile computers, rugged smart phones, LTE/Android integrated mobile payment devices, healthcare terminals, RFID readers and industrial tablet. In addition, we provide a broad portfolio of comprehensive accessories such as multi-slot cradles, holders ,RFID trigger. Latest Android and MDM solutions and software SDK and API solutions to our customers for the future.


We provide digital solutions and facilitate the smart transformation for clients in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation and other industries.We reinvests in technology, innovation and resources so it is always one step ahead of the market's needs.

from 2013 to 2024

  1. 2013Established

    Established in Shenzhen China with Mission

  2. 2015Turn

    2015 Turn into a mobile computer hardware manufacturer and AIDC provider for internet of things

  3. 2017Introduced our own brand Rugfone of devices, offering a full range of AIDC device including handheld mobile computers, rugged smartphones, Industrial tablet and RFID terminals

    Release cold chain RK4 handheld scanning device,Equipped with zebra and Honeywell scanning, The scanning speed can be within 200ms application needs of diversified scenarios such as logistics and transportation, warehousing management, express delivery, retail and catering.

  4. 2019 Launched RK5 mobile handheld devices assist in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic and are deployed to help governments at all levels effectively prevent the epidemic.

    Realize the trinity of epidemic prevention monitoring of personnel's "health code", "identity recognition" and "body temperature test", and quickly transmit the collected data to the data center through the mobile network.

  5. 2020RF8 UHF

    release RF8 UHF handheld terminal.It is widely used in domestic logistics and transportation, warehousing management, express delivery, retail and catering and other diverse scenarios.

  6. 2021Released P8 Industrial tablets

    Rugfone P8 are deployed to meet the application needs of diverse scenarios such as logistics and transportation, warehousing management, express collection and delivery, retail and catering, etc.

  7. 2022 RF9 UHF

    2022 released RF9 UHF with Certificiated with IP67 super tough and Mil-std-810G US military standard.

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Solutions that support ideas

Innovation starts with research

Innovation starts with research

An indispensable staff of engineers, technicians and developers who work to invent and design hardware, software and service solutions. Nowadays, working with technology means paying careful attention to the world around us, to better understand a context and a scenario, in order to find a unique solution that provides innovation, improvement and flexibility.

Dedicated applications, suites and platforms

Dedicated applications, suites and platforms

Behind every Rugfone software solution, there is a team of qualified, expert developers who carry out an in-depth analysis of the complex nature of each industry`s operations. These expert developers then process, translate and code it into computer languages, to create vertical software specifically designed to be implemented in different markets..

DNA made solutions

DNA made solutions

Rugfone means rugged and durbale AIDC devices design, it's inside our DNA. We develop fully customized ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) products for some of the most important international companies.

Global assistance network

Global assistance network

Rugfone uses a highly specialized service network to support all its customers around the world, with dedicated logistics and operating centers and technological tools that offer real-time support.



Rugfone has a network of highly specialized and trained partners to offer high value-added solutions based on Custom's technologies. Rugfone always trend to share skills and values with the most innovative companies on the market.